Our Favourite European Luxury Tee Factory

Meam style, lda. 

We've worked incredibly hard to produce our high-quality tees at a fair price, in spite of low production volumes. However none of this would be possible without our European luxury tee factory in northern Portugal, located in the historical and cultural municipality of Braga. We visit the plant often and have established a long-lasting relationship with the owner.

How we found it

It's been a tiring first year if we're honest. We've worked incredibly hard to determine which factories would most benefit our customers. Having reached out to and appraised numerous factories across different regions, we opted for this one in Portugal, as it offered a great price, exceptional quality and a friendly and understanding workforce. They've been great to work with and have helped us achieve such high standards.

A clear vision for quality

By carefully selecting the best raw materials, the factory manufactures products which perfectly cater to the technical specifications of their customers. Working with renowned international brands, their mission is to continuously deliver high quality standards in order to provide the best comfort, cut and material. They strive to make wearing clothes an act of pleasure.

The factory maintains strong relationships and builds trust with all their clients - not just us. They invest heavily in their ability to meet ever-changing demands and always look to exceed their client's expectation. Without these guys, we wouldn't be clothPROJECT.

Social responsibility

We consider it mandatory that our luxury tees be produced in the best possible environments. From material sourcing to manufacturing, our European factory maintains strong ethical standards and works hard to ensure that their suppliers are sourcing material in an ethical and sustainable manner. In fact, we ethically source our thick and sustainable cotton thread from Turkey, a country which has now become one of the leading exporters delivering the best quality materials to your favourite designer brands.

The factory maintains great working conditions for its staff, including the appropriate tools to perform the work, and complies with applicable safety, hygiene and health standards. Together, these factors make up the strong shared values of the organisation, which we love.