Reshaping the clothing industry

clothPROJECT set out with a simple idea - a cotton crew tee. However, we wanted to offer a tee that pushed new boundaries: for too long the only choice available to consumers was either to buy low cost, low quality tees or to buy designer labels that come with very high price mark-ups. Our aim is to change this and it is the foundation of clothPROJECT. 

We want to reshape the current clothing industry and challenge high-end designer brands by offering the same quality product at a fraction of the price – a fair price. Today’s consumers are more informed and socially conscientious of what goes on behind the scenes in the production of their garments. At clothPROJECT, we share those values.  We will bring you complete transparency through every stage of the production process, from the people who make it, to how much it really costs.

We will also strive to challenge low-cost and fast-fashion brands who use child labour and poor working conditions to offer low prices that make it difficult for consumers to not buy their products. clothPROJECT will offer you a modern basic that is an affordable, luxury item that has been manufactured in an ethical manner. 

This is our vision which we hope you will support. We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please get in touch. 

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